About Jeff


     Jeff started telling stories around the campfire at the family campout when his kids were elementary age.  His first story was The Blue Ape, which the kids asked to hear over and over again.  Before long, the kids were requesting new material and Jeff eagerly took to the task, eventually becoming the hit of campfire time. 


      He joined the Ann Arbor Storytellers’ Guild in 2005 and his passion for developing and refining this art form has only intensified with each performance. Jeff enjoys telling all types of tales, but specializes in funny stories and scary stories, which range from the somewhat scary to the truly terrifying.

      In October 2006, Jeff organized the very first Scary Story Festival at the Howell Opera House. The actual theater section of the Opera House looks essentially as it did when it closed in 1925. It has a reputation for being haunted and is the perfect venue for the telling of the scariest of stories, which occurs there annually.

      Jeff is an ardent believer that his audience should have fun and be entertained. His dedication to your satisfaction is what makes Jeff Doyle a premier storyteller.

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