Stories and Clips

Jeff tells a wide variety of stories and can custom create a program to fit your entertainment and educational needs.

Jeff's programs can range from purely entertaining to teaching students the connection between storytelling and writing.  

Some stories that Jeff tells teach life lessons, while others are just pure fun. His repertoire includes stories appropriate for elementary, middle and high school students, as well as adults.  A sampling of Jeff's stories are listed below.

General Stories

Stories designed to have fun and teach

life lessons

       It's Santa's Fault (on CD)          
              Rumplestiltskin (Video)

      The Blue Ape (Video)

      The Decision

     Where’s My Blankie

     Boxes for Katje

     King Hawksbeak

     A boat Ride

     Adventures of Pull My Finger Bob

Scary Stories

     The Opera House Ghost

     Twisted Sister

     The Monkeys Paw

     The Grave Yard Rats

     Buried Alive

     The Camel Spider

     The Sign Says

Stories for Adult Audiences

     My Aunt Sue (on CD)
             The Bear Necessities (on CD)
             My Mother-in-Law Thinks I'm a Saint                 (on CD)
             My Park

    That Dog
             5 Golden Rings

Scary Story Workshop

        Jeff and Guild members have taken their craft into high school writing classes in Howell and Brighton. Jeff and his fellow storytellers help teach students the vibrant and critical link between writing stories and telling them.  These workshops help students understand, through the use of storyboards, the idea that writing, reading and speaking are intrinsically related.

Meet Jeff Doyle, Storyteller

"The Bear Necessities" performed at the Howell Opera House.  Adult Theme

Story City, Iowa, High School 2015
Scary-Second Grade and above

Audio Track

"Office Not Orifice" Hysterical tale describing my struggles with technology. PG-13

2016 Cadillac Enterprise, Howell Opera House 
General Audience

"My Park" performed at the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.
Adult Theme

2014 The Blue Ape Detroit Story League 
General Audience 

"Rumplestiltskin Part 1" performed at Pittsfield Branch of the Ann Arbor Library
General Audience

"Rumplestiltskin Part 2" performed at Pittsfield Branch of the Ann Arbor Library. 
General Audience

2014 Detroit Story League, My Aunt Sue and her Blue Dog. General Audience

Audio Track

"Rap Rap Rap" A fun scary tale performed on WHMI Radio.
  General Audience

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